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Programma // Captain Trips [UK] & Coral Springs [NL] & DEN!ED [BE]


Captain Trips [UK] & Coral Springs [NL] & DEN!ED [BE]

Captain Trips
Captain Trips are a skatepunk band from Fareham (UK) who formed in 2014. In 2016 they released their first self titled EP which received much acclaim amongst the UK punkscene. Captain Trips have since played many shows with bands such as Strung Out, The Flatliners and Wonk Unit and have performed at festivals including Manchester Punk Festival and Dügstock. Following the release a new EP the band plan to tour the UK and Europe this winter/spring and have a busy festival season lined up for summer 2019.

Coral Springs
Coral Springs is de voorliefde voor poppunk in het verlengde van bands als Rise Against, The Swellers en New Found Glory. De manier waarop de band een balans zoekt tussen de onweerstaanbare pakkendheid van pop en de energie en intensiteit van punkrock is de exacte vertaling van deze band. Vul dit aan met de ‘verwacht niets, geef alles’-houding waarmee de band zich inzet en je kunt je een aardig beeld vormen van Coral Springs.

DEN!ED is a melodic punkrock band from Brussels. Friends since they can remember who are lucky enough to have found shelter in the same passion: music. They’ve been playing together for a few years but decided to launch the band during the summer of 2018. With nothing but pure energy, their main objectif is to enjoy themselves on stage by playing and sharing the music they love.

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